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Lorrellie-Lead Vocals
Christina-Lead Guitar

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September 2005


  • Noodle
  • Quincy
  • Lorrellie
  • Christina
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    I Want You To Want Me



    Fully Cooked Whine
    Japanese HushPuppies
    Belly Perch
    Safe Sticking
    Sporadic Cumbetting
    Mad Cheez Balls
    New lead singer chosen


    Spastic Turnsignal is complete again with the addition of Lorrellie as the new frontman. Many of you may know her from both her solo work and also her occasional appearances with the band Identity Crisis. The band is excited about working with her and says that the similarities in their backgrounds and musical styles should help create a long and incredible relationship.

    Spastic Turnsignal ‡ 12:54 PM

    Lead singer leaves Spastic Turnsignal


    A source close to the band confirmed today that the lead singer of Spastic Turnsignal has left the band due to creative differences. The band is in studio recording their debut CD right now and this upheaval may delay its expected holiday release. Quincy, the drummer and one of the two founding members of the band, stated earlier that they are eager to find a new singer and will continue to work on the instrumental tracks so that as soon as a singer is found the album can be finished.

    Spastic Turnsignal ‡ 8:50 PM

    I Want You To Want Me Cheap Trick

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